Panda kill on September 10th thriller Promo first exposure (video) crycry

"Panda Kill" on September 10th thriller Promo first exposure panda TV annual blockbuster, a large gaming reality show "Panda Kill" in September 10th the passion struck, horror film shock struck, the mysterious China wind arena, bring you out of the ordinary audio-visual experience, more than 20 coffee star on the same stage, a gaming star broke open up a fresh outlook the bucket immediately staged. Panda TV studio address: pandakill  thriller film shock struck quiet environment by the old clock break, Wu 09 Millennium ancient house into the sound for oneself once the memory, a coin transfer time and residence within a bunch of mysterious beast first people sitting behind the first beast is hiding what? The wolf roar implies what? Crow, pipe, feather fan and what? The old thriller "Panda Kill" on the packaging overall stage effect fusion of China elements, different identity of 12 anchor represents twelve of the zodiac, the twelve Chinese zodiac animal masks to confuse each other in the aspects of the game, in the light of more and more dark, around more and more quiet, sudden howl, who will be werewolf mouth prey, are you ready? An audio-visual feast quietly struck. Super star lineup to compete with JY, two, 09, Wu Ke sound small, rat king, less Wang, prisoner, Wang Mao, more than 20 panda TV star on the same stage, building national appearance, two handsome daughter-in-law Ke, 09 national master pharmacist debut, Wang JY staged counter attack less cooperative police station fight, whirling the risk of terrorist assassination plot, death, risk reversal, conspiracy of justice also can actually stand up, only those people know.   "Pand Kill" is the panda TV took a year to build a large variety of gaming, reality show, traditional elements and the wind China theme color fusion program, we bring an unprecedented new audio-visual experience. September 10th, panda TV "Panda Kill" passion strikes.   panda TV – provides a wide range of live video coverage of the field, is the most fun live sharing platform. In the signing of a number of first-line game anchor at the same time, but also in music, sports, outdoor, stars, movies, variety, fashion and other aspects of the rich content. Users share and platform original, star anchor and every one you are happy to share, constitute the future of panda TV. Share content, interactive viewing, panda TV, music you are happy, you want to enjoy.相关的主题文章: