Powerful Big Apple iPhone 8 or can be achieved by charging winbook

The big apple iPhone 8 or can be achieved by charging the gap may be released this year, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus little innovation, people began to look forward to next year’s release of iPhone 8. The latest news shows that iPhone 8 not only supports wireless charging, but also a higher order of isolated wireless charging. At present, the common market is QI wireless charging, this technology gets rid of the data line, but the charge must be close to the mobile phone wireless charging base, there is still a certain bound, so Apple plans to use the wireless charging technology better in the above iPhone 8. Energous said just from the Dialog company Semiconductor received a $10 million investment, the main Energous wireless charging business, while Dialog Semiconductor is a major production of chip power management of electronic products company, apple is its major customers. Next year is the ten anniversary of the iPhone, apple is clearly not to give up the celebration, including a multiple black technology iPhone 8 is the best gift for fans, of course, we have a clear understanding, apple is the most good toothpaste on mobile phone manufacturers, one that you spot is definitely not the apple, so we still have the usual heart waiting for iPhone 8.相关的主题文章: