Precision investment, the county will organize investment delegation field research Fenggang – Sohu vidalia

The precise investment, will tea and tourism integration organization investment delegation survey of the Fenggang tourism Sohu by Fenggang County People’s Government commissioned and sponsored the "hundred county tea, Fenggang tea tourism industry forum" and the tea ceremony on 26 July think-tank listed successfully held in Fenggang 4A level scenic spots in the heart of the tea. For the realization of "introducing into Guizhou" and "investment into Guizhou" double effect simultaneously, to achieve precision investment, 100 county from September 24th to 25, organized by the Hongkong City Management Research Institute, Dean Chen Yungang hundred county (Shenzhen) general manager of industry incubator Co. Du Jiang, OCT Group Chairman Yuan Tiejian, Senior Supervisor Qujiang text brigade Guizhou Tiancheng Polytron Technologies Inc meters peak, the Milky Way Ecological Agriculture Technology Co., Rao Haifeng, Shenzhen City Cultural Tourism Promotion Delegation chairman Zhang Hong and Shenzhen tourism culture Mariana limited company chairman Suk, general manager of Agel Ecommerce Ltd longshuo chairman Randy Zhang Wenqiang, British environmental Amperex Technology Limited Ji Ningwen more than 30 from the tea industry, tourism industry, bio technology, Internet industry experts, investors and experts. Field investigation of some of the key tourist resources in Fenggang. Fenggang County standing committee, deputy magistrate Dansina Jean, deputy magistrate of the county, the Tourism Bureau, accompanied by the investigation of the Secretary, Xiong Yufei, accompanied by the Secretary of the Chinese people’s Republic of China, the Chinese people’s Republic of China, deputy director of the. The delegation has inspected the tea hot drilling, the heart of the tea area, long moraine ancient village scenic area and Xiangshui rock group, the ancient ginkgo Wanfo Canyon and other Fenggang county to create the global tourism demonstration counties, Chinese tea travel destination project starting key investment development, the characteristics of zinc and selenium in health care, hot spring the heart of the tea tea, the ancient village of Rhine long moraine, Xiangshui side of the rock in QUXU ancient silver Xinglin, poke Canyon scenery faint. The heart of the tea area to visit. The delegation visited the station in the heart of the tea, tea, the fairy ridge wave bamboo tea acres of tea plantations and tea production line. President Chen Yungang pointed out that Fenggang tea and Chinese tea producing areas, ten tea is a tea area, the new brand, this is Fenggang tea advantage in the development of organic ecological tea, as tea should have new signs. Zhang Wenqiang, general manager of Agel Ecommerce Ltd, said in the course of the investigation, the tea industry in Fenggang is very busy in the spring, summer, autumn and winter in the three quarter is more deserted, through the development of tea tourism is to solve the pain of tea enterprises thinking. Tea Spa project review. The tea is located in hot springs, Guizhou landscape tourism resources survey and development design institute Dean Fu Yong said that Guizhou province has 88 counties, cities and counties have as many as 74 hot springs, scanty but effective utilization has been developed and the. Fenggang in the heart of the tea hot springs rich in zinc and selenium characteristics, to improve the microcirculation of the human body has a unique role, is an important starting point for health care theme of hot spring industry, Fenggang should seize the opportunity to become the vanguard of hot spring tourism in Guizhou. Long moraine ancient village project. In the long moraine ancient village, the delegation agreed that the long moraine ancient village has a rich historical and cultural heritage, traffic location, resource endowment advantages in the development of the characteristics of the ancient town, also have a certain foundation of tourism. Shenzhen Zhongsheng tourism development group deputy general manager Fu Qiang made.相关的主题文章: