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QQ group bargain risk "preferential looking in the QQ group announcement clearly is to help businesses top sales. Dear members of the Taobao, you are a good reputation for shopping, and now you are invited to the QQ group, at 9 o’clock in the evening, a red envelope every day treasure spike red packets, into the group today!" Many people have received similar messages. Double 11 close at hand, a lot of people received the first reaction after the message is fraud, readily deleted. Beijing Morning Post reporter survey found that the group can indeed buy the goods at a discount price, but many are not well-known brands, and return will encounter trouble. While businesses lose money at the real purpose is for the business sales, into the group of consumers shopping imperceptibly became businesses sales childcare. 2 thousand QQ group received SMS tips according to the total GAG, Beijing morning news reporters successfully joined a QQ group. This is a large number of people restricted to 2000 people, the number of reporters to join the number of 1807. Then there are people to join, just after ten minutes, the number quickly became the 1905. Reporters to join another similar QQ group situation similar to the number of people is also a rapid increase in a short time. However, each group are set to the "full gag" mode, allowing only group owners and administrators to speak. The original price of 196 yuan of red and blue cushion BB cream, coupons after the auction of 38 yuan; the original price of 99 yuan plus velvet snow boots girl, when the price of only 49 yuan; the original price of 258 yuan 2016 new winter slim slim wool coat, when the price is only 108 yuan…… Special "baby released" to continue the group released a variety of shopping links, low price is staggering, and all shipping. One day, the baby released the release of the goods there are nearly a hundred, a variety of varieties, both tea, oatmeal, slippers, socks, both data lines, small appliances, books, cosmetics. For online coupons can not find in the QQ group, the basic format of merchandise was released: picture + coupon + purchase + simple link link function. According to the group purchase set-top notice, need to receive coupons, and then click to buy links. Do these links point to a problem site? Reporters found that the link before the green logo, that is, they are certified by the security software security site. The reporter opens a couple of cups of light stainless steel coupon links, to receive a 20 yuan coupon to buy goods, the settlement price of the original price of 49 yuan to 29 yuan shipping. However, the shop around the corner, only 5 yuan shop red envelopes, full of $5.01 available and 5 yuan shop coupons, full of $49 available, two kinds of preferential way, can not find a trace of $20 coupons. The same is true in other groups. Beijing Morning Post reporter noted that these goods are mostly small brands, or simply no brand, the basic price of less than 100 yuan. Occasionally there are one or two well-known brands appear, but click on the link is not the official flagship store. At 9 p.m. "red rain" is also true, one group of 10 groups of red Alipay issued one-time passwords, each.相关的主题文章: