Regulatory authorities to investigate and deal with violations of the 4 Real Estate Company in Tianj brock lesnar

The supervision department shall investigate and deal with illegal Tianjin 4 Real Estate Company to purify the environment of real estate market in Tianjin City, the real estate market to maintain order, protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and promote stable and healthy development of the real estate market, "according to the Ministry of housing and urban construction to further regulate the real estate development business to maintain the order of the real estate market notice" of the relevant requirements the real estate market supervision department, two real city and district to investigate and punish the illegal behavior of 4 real estate development enterprises. Tianjin Liansheng Lianfa Group real estate development company in the development and construction of Binhai New Area and Sheng Park three building No. 26, has been achieved in the "home sales permit under the condition of the house sold, the development of Binhai New District Bureau of the establishment of diplomatic relations shall be subject to administrative penalties for the development of enterprises. Cathay Pacific Investment Co. Ltd. in Tianjin Binhai Binhai New Area Development and construction of the Cathay Building project, not in accordance with the relevant provisions in the sales field prominently publicized housing sales control table, supervision department telephone complaints, sales information and other related materials, housing management center of Binhai New Area development enterprises in accordance with the law ordered deadline for rectification. Tianjin junrun Real Estate Development Co. Ltd. in the development and construction of Xiqing District Ying garden project, the sales of commercial housing to bundle parking way, Xiqing District Housing Authority shall order rectification of real estate development enterprises, the contract net signed off the rectification period, and the transfer of the relevant departments to investigate and punish. Tianjin Donghai Yuan Property Investment Co. Ltd. in the development and construction of Ninghe District seven in Xiangge project BO5, building C28, has the "home sales permits" after the cover disc Xishou, Ninghe District Housing Authority in accordance with the law to the development of enterprises issued a "rectification notice", ordered the opening sales.相关的主题文章: