Sichuan college entrance examination of the new policy of the first single list of these candidates

The new policy of the Sichuan college entrance examination for the first single released this a few candidates pay attention to newspaper news (reporter Zhao Zijun) yesterday, the reporter learned from the provincial examination yuan, "Sichuan Province in 2017 the ordinary higher school of drama and dance classes, professional enrollment introduction" "Sichuan Province in 2017 the ordinary higher school music majors enrollment introduction" "Sichuan Province in 2017 College of art and design professional enrollment introduction" and "Sichuan Province in 2017 the ordinary higher school sports professional entrance profile" has been released, this is my first single province in 2017 college entrance examination policy, in accordance with the relevant categories of candidates must pay attention to! It is understood that all types of candidates to apply for the registration of cultural examination and professional examination registration two times, are the implementation of online registration, online payment. Physical education, art and design, music, drama and film and television category, the examination of the candidates for dance culture, including online registration, on-site confirmation and online payment 3 stages. The eligibility of applicants, should be in October 9, 2016 8: 00 to 13, 12, 00, log on to city recruitment office designated site, according to the registration website tips and truthfully I fill out the registration information. During the online registration, candidates can modify, correct personal information. The candidates after the success of online registration, should be in October 17, 2016 8: 00 to 19: 00 to 17 county (city, district) recruitment office on-site confirmation. Completion of the scene to confirm the candidates should be in October 21, 2016 8: 00 to 23, 17: 00 login registration website for the arts and sports culture examination registration fee online payment. Recommended reading: Sichuan Pingchang college entrance exam by the Chengdu polytechnic college entrance examination candidates admitted abandon repeat Deyang man driving test successive defeat angrily want to jump to Sichuan new college entrance examination reform program introduced in 2018 a new high Meishan college entrance examination enrollment is not quality refused to scold innocent implicated Neijiang candidates Thailand tour the accidental death of family members questioned the illegal transfer of Travel Agency [note] mass sports – sports professional examinations in our province in 2017 to implement electronic timing and electronic distance, physical fitness test three class standing long jump jump and shot put throw the number of uniform provisions for the two time, high jump and long jump, three jump in special Technology (male), shot, discus, the javelin 6 jump (CAST) three times, were once the best Performance as a test result. The exam — professional music class does not be a complete interview. In addition to the piano, electronic piano, harp, electronic organ, timpani, other musical instruments are owned by the candidates. Among them, the professional practice without instrumental accompaniment playing; except music (Pop Vocal professional), other professional "vocal" subjects with accompaniment spectrum examination candidates, can provide the Accompanist (also a cappella). Type of television drama and dance — choose a professional to complete a one-time, not bubao, changed the report. When the net newspaper deadline has not paid the registration invalid. Candidates in the completion of the professional examination online registration and payment success, at the 2016 end相关的主题文章: