Small action vision China appliance by IFA overseas market — home — on plants war

Small action vision   China appliance by IFA overseas market — home — on original title: small action Chinese appliances by IFA on large overseas market "Haier occupied the Frankfurt Main Airport, the hall is full of China advertising business card", "Chinese home appliance enterprise award", Weekend reporter heard most of the above is the three words. In September 2nd, the 2016 IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin, Germany, held as scheduled, from around the world home appliance brand carrying heavy products with yan. Is out of the ordinary, China household electrical appliance enterprises and products in the outside is a movement again and again. Frankfurt Main Airport is an important transit hub around the world to Berlin, Haier launched a pre emptive strike scored a 48 billboard, with practical action to occupy the central position. After the airport is not finished, walked into the exhibition hall will find more Chinese enterprises billboards. 5 of the billboards on the front of the hall, of which there are three from china. See this scene, the PRC, general manager Jia Dongsheng quipped: "more than 730 China exhibitors, is this China Expo?" at the forefront of many China appliance industry sources said, although Chinese used in household electrical appliance enterprises during the IFA exhibition advertising, but from this year’s situation is significantly different. Chinese household electrical appliances association, Jiang Feng believes that the reason Chinese enterprise in IFA advertising has deep, due to the expansion of the European market, China enterprises do to expand overseas market brand influence. Brand products force Chinese appliance won assists overseas advertising in addition to enhance the brand influence, Chinese appliance enterprises has been relying on the product to speak out. The latest news shows, in this year’s IFA exhibition, China household electrical appliance enterprises TCL with QUHD quantum dots surface TV talent shows itself in the fierce competition, gains in one fell swoop by the German Chamber of Commerce and industry (DIHK) and international data group (IDG) jointly issued the "IFA product innovation award" in the quantum dot technology award, show China excellent brand innovation and technological strength to the world. In addition to TCL, China’s color TV companies, Hisense’s ULED TV, laser theater, as well as the integration of SKYWORTH’s VR+OLED innovation has also brought an unforgettable experience for the audience from around the world. In addition to black electric products, white goods in China’s household electrical appliance enterprises have also been widely acclaimed. It is understood that this year, Little Swan with its 5 high-end washing machine products unveiled IFA, including Beverly two generation of this high-end products with advanced technology and customization system caused by the foreign mainstream media attention. Foreign media praised behind to Little Swan as the representative of the China product artisan spirit, and that its appearance, technology, philosophy and other indicators are comparable international first-class standard, let the world feel the Chinese brand to enter the world market determination. In this exhibition, Haier to build the wisdom of life experience area showcasing the U+ ecosystem wisdom and ecosystem under a variety of network devices and the wisdom of self health products, transfer the Haier intelligent life strategy to the world. Ginseng)相关的主题文章: