South Korea suspected corruption on Chong Wa Dae before the official network of new appearing in cou g-area meru

South Korea suspected corruption before Chong Wa Dae officials of "politics" to silence – Beijing, Beijing, November 6, according to South Korean media reports, South Korean prosecutors arraigned before the morning of 6 Chong Wa Dae in charge of Civil Affairs Chief Secretary Yu Bingyu, investigating whether the violation of corruption, embezzlement and other crimes. In the morning to Yu Bingyu told reporters, will be honest to accept the prosecution investigation. On whether the misappropriation of family enterprise funds, as a public servant, why are missing on dry lands door responsible "questions, Yu Bingyu silence. Establish special prosecutors handling group, according to Yu Bingyu related cases have been investigated for about 2 months, Yu Bingyu resigned as Chief Secretary of civil affairs in just 1 weeks ago. Yu Bingyu and lover are accused of embezzling funds for family business reception and communication fees, and imports of high-grade car rental in the name of the company for personal purposes. Yu Bingyu also suspected the use of authority is to volunteer police service identity easy job to his son. Yu Bingyu also accused of concealing his wife holding land facts, missing etc.. The prosecution investigation said on the same day, will fully investigate various doubts related Bingyu yu. The findings are expected to be announced this week. Yu Bingyu was considered in his stem played a part in the political process, but the prosecution is not investigated in this part.相关的主题文章: