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The South Korean market to stock pressure in Seoul stock market is in short supply center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes of the South Korean capital of Seoul satellite city, new projects have sprung up. South Korea more than 1500 elderly people in respect of the party". South Korea’s aging population has suppressed demand for housing. In the cost of funds at a record low in the background, a new apartment built around Seoul in korea. However, the Korean market did not show the "supply and demand" unpopular situation. In addition to the supply of houses outside the city of Seoul, a large number of new residential Seoul satellite city face the dilemma can not sell. According to Reuters, South Korea’s rapid population aging, increased household debt, these factors may allow the Korean property market into a crash". The satellite city of the South Korean capital Seoul south gate pile up in excess of requirement of the satellite city of Yongin, South Korea is a typical case of pile up in excess of requirement property. According to official data, Yongin total population of only 1 million, but the sale of houses reached 5301 households, the highest inventory for South Korea, make local government a headache. Bank lending rates in South Korea reached a new low in recent years, causing real estate developers are competing to invest in real estate. This is one of the highlights of the downturn in the domestic economy. But new homes have made home loans surge, and South Korea’s household debt has been ranked first among emerging markets. As of the second quarter, South Korea’s household debt jumped to $1257 trillion and 300 billion, equivalent to last year’s total domestic production of 88.4%, even more than the United States, Japan and other countries. Seoul urban real estate is not completed before the buyer was booked early, it is difficult to digest the city is similar to the satellite city of dragon house. In Liuzhou City, the new apartment oversupply situation means that housing prices may decline. "There are too many houses built by the construction company, which is irresponsible behavior." The local senior real estate sales staff said: "if you buy will lose money, I could not recommend these new houses to customers." Prices continue to worry about the collapse of the property market people stride forward singing militant songs official data show, the first half of this year, the total number of residential units in South Korea launched rose 3.7%, reached 299 thousand. In addition, the construction of new homes in 2015 reached a record 720 thousand sets. "Inventory" is a problem, however, the economic downturn and the accelerated aging of the population has suppressed the demand for housing. Moreover, with China, Hongkong, Singapore and other places is different, fewer immigrants in South Korea, but also the lack of overseas buyers to stimulate the housing market demand. How to digest the inventory of the house, the South Korean government has become the next problem. South Korea’s large construction companies in the Middle East after the reduction of orders to the mainland, but also the main reason for the current oversupply of the property market. Rating agency Moodie expects South Korea’s ten largest construction chamber of Commerce in the second half of the launch of the 170 thousand units, an increase of 57%, so that in the next 12~18 months unsold inventory increased significantly". Korean economy 1相关的主题文章: