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The State Administration for Industry and Commerce: online shopping goods does not exceed 1/3 of the qualified financial – – Beijing morning news (reporter Chen Lin) yesterday, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce announced on Taobao, Tmall, Yi Xun and Jingdong and a series of online shopping mall platform product sampling results. A total effective sample sampling 497 batches, 172 batches of goods inspection found substandard substandard goods, the overall detection rate was 34.6%. It is reported that the State Administration for Industry and Commerce on Taobao, Tmall, Yi Xun network, Jingdong, mall, shop No. 1, Gome online,, Amazon, China and a series of domestic market main business platform traded commodity quality sampling. Sampling products involving small household electrical appliances, mobile phones, bags, clothing, children’s products and other daily consumer goods, a total of 503 batches of commodity sampling. Among them, 4 batches of goods for the "three noes" products, 2 batches of goods by the manufacturer identified as counterfeit goods, effective samples for 497 batches. Detection of 172 batches of substandard goods, the quality of the internal quality of about 93%, only the mark and description of the unqualified accounted for about 7%. Although the electricity supplier platform third party seller is a high frequency of substandard product quality of the network, but the electricity supplier proprietary products will also be a problem. For example, the number 1 store self leleyu Lele A1 puzzle toys, love kiss QQ1318-908 fitness frame, etc. there are unqualified phenomenon. The United States and Samsung self SM-A8000 in the field of electrical insulation is also unqualified phenomenon. It is reported that the sampling found unqualified goods SAIC has instructed relevant provinces of industry and Commerce and market supervision departments to strictly investigate and punish. (Prince Qiao Xuefeng Hou, commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: