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Taiwan fashion fashion show held in Shanghai, people.com.cn original title: Taiwan fashion show held in Shanghai in October 22, xinhuanet.com Shanghai Xinhua (reporter Wu Yu) by the Taiwan designers and fashion brands from the collection of "DESIGN.TW" winter 2016 fashion show recently in the central area of Shanghai, Jingan Temple shopping centre. The "DESIGN.TW" project director, Tainan enterprise culture and Arts Foundation Chairman Wu Daochang said, "DESIGN.TW" for the first time attempt to hold a fashion show in the shopping center, is to allow consumers to more close contact with the mainland to Taiwan the latest fashion trends. In his view, "DESIGN.TW" on the display of each piece of work shows the cultural heritage of Taiwan, from the designer’s unique perspective, interpretation of the different backgrounds of fashion. Every brand tells a different story. Wu Daochang said that "DESIGN.TW" plays the role of communication and presentation function, like Easy Access fashion design industry, so that consumers can feel the first time, the Taiwan frontier, tasting the tip of goods involved in the fashion trend, creative activities. According to reports, the "DESIGN.TW" in the Shanghai Jingan Jingpin shopping center flagship store has been expanded from 102 square meters to 235 square meters, is expected to become the interactive exchange platform for cross-strait fashion designers and consumers. Statistics show that in the past two years, China’s apparel industry turnover in the mobile terminal has accounted for more than half of total sales. "DESIGN.TW" in addition to open the store in Shanghai, Nanjing, Changzhou, outside the city, also plans to join the online channel, so that more Chinese consumers can more quickly and directly exposed to the Taiwan fashion and design. (commissioning editor: Dong Sirui, Yang Yu Poirot)相关的主题文章: