The age of hitherto unknown buy these six funds safely

The age of hitherto unknown buy these six funds through Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Sina fund research center Li Chawei this is an unprecedented era. All eyes are focused on the price. Before the monthly new loans for the mortgage, after Nanjing aunt lying on a stretcher, signed to buy a house, elevator, ride, originally strangers, chat is not more than ten words on the topic of talk to residents. Prices for all the real anxiety, think to buy less, no room can not live this life lament. Moreover, the world, it seems that no one is better. Industry, the traditional industry overcapacity, in the process of reduction. Steel coal cement capacity to process schedule back breath breathing; supermarket retail shops frequently, shopping center transformation into the family dining center and children playground. A second line of real estate is still up, the three or four line has been surplus. A second turnover has become weaker, by increasing the price to maintain the prosperity of the surface. Sooner or later, the real estate construction is not dormant, migrant workers safety work lost, children left behind. Where is tomorrow? New technology makes people shudder. Unmanned, Google translation, Alfa let the dog collar future anxiety, I do not know what time, most of the jobs industry will be replaced by robots, and manipulate the robot’s position is always limited, their knowledge and experience to life needs not live in Cover? Even fund managers, but also facing the crisis of transformation. Quantitative investment borrowed is fast and accurate, so that investors can follow from art to science, Jinling are into anxiety. Their finest hour. Fear of the future, hindering the current consumption. The economy of the three carriages, lost a car, consumption. Hand holding a record high cash, not re investment, but the purchase of financial products is expected to stabilize earnings. The economy of the three carriages, but also lost a car, investment. Peripheral economies can hardly be optimistic, export growth has declined. The economy of the three carriages, lost the last car, export. Traditional industries, emerging industries? On the stock market, the influx of capital is still profitable emerging industries, gem growth of 30% on average but the influx of funds, corporate valuation continued to be passive high. Venture capital market, entrepreneurs say less money, facing the winter. Investors Yan Yanxian venture capital valuation is too high, too many vcs. Venture capital summit on the previous 90% entrepreneurs, and now half of investors." Pratt & Whitney individual fund companies, individual investors have long been lost, replaced by outsourcing agencies. There is a listed company’s money, there is a trust company’s money, the city firm money, capital into the fixed income market, the bond market into the spring city. Does the stock market collapse?! Investors are always a minority, the impact is only the financing of enterprises. Housing prices collapse is a major event, the local government financial problems, bank loans are a problem, people have a problem of asset savings, which is a global problem. Interest rates are low, earnings on the decline相关的主题文章: