The bus station take man stabbed the woman said because of noisy heart gas

The bus station take man stabbed the woman said because of noisy heart gas original title: Women’s bus station was attacked and cracked the case of Guangzhou daily news (reporter Li Dong correspondent Xie Jinhuan, Hu Min, Cen Baihan) Guangzhou Baiyun police yesterday informed: on the night of October 7th, a woman in the bus station waiting time was stabbed case Baiyun District Jingtai street. After the incident, Baiyun police attaches great importance to the establishment of a task force to carry out investigation. After careful investigation, police investigators suspect in October 21st (a 28 year old man Hunan, arrested, successfully solved cases). The night of 9 pm, the victim Liu (22 years old, Guangxi people, Jinzhong Heng Lu, a company intern) after work in Guangyuan Road bus station waiting, suddenly 1 men stabbed from behind the waist. Then the victim was rushed to hospital for treatment, no danger. Do not know the suspect, the victim to reflect daily life and others have not had disputes. After the incident, Baiyun police to carry out the case cracked. Police after investigation, identified the suspect was a more than and 20 year old man, fled after committing the crime to Guangyuan Road direction. The incident through the transfer of video surveillance data of the scene and the surrounding, the police initially grasp the suspect’s physical characteristics, and further investigation confirmed the true identity of the suspect. October 21st afternoon, police investigators found a section of the suspect in a place in Shijing street, immediately deployed to carry out arrests. 16 am, the police arrested a section of the body, and from the body to seize the tools of crime dagger 1. A section of the suspect arrested after the initial confession: the night of the murder, the stay at the bus station, because the surrounding environment is too noisy, feel the heart is angry, then carry out the dagger stabbed the woman after the escape. At present, a section of the suspect has been Baiyun police criminal detention, the case is under further investigation. Editor: Li Peng相关的主题文章: