The high potential of SUV for geely vision SUV contrast trumpchi GS4 (video) footman

The high potential of SUV for geely vision SUV contrast trumpchi GS4 the reason why domestic SUV boom continued unpopular, because no more than a few, so in the face of domestic road can travel more handy, and SUV to their maximum utilization of space, the last is SUV to bring them good sense of face. Therefore, the domestic manufacturers have put a lot of thought on SUV body, from the recent listing of independent brand models, the basic models are SUV. In addition, its own brand manufacturers are SUV to low prices, small displacement turbine engines, large space for the development of these aspects. Live a good choice drive Geely new vision SUV recently to say action was the most frequent, can be said to be Geely, pre launch bullyear has attracted a lot of people’s attention, and Geely is also interested in the compact class SUV market in a combined way, Yu Shixin launched the auspicious prospect (ginseng, picture and SUV is the flagship of the inquiry), and 100 thousand of the market. Guangzhou Automobile Company in cooperation with many foreign car manufacturers, their cars technology is very outstanding, the most prominent example is its trumpchi GS4 long occupied the forefront of car sales. So a re turn students new models compared to sales model will have what kind of spark? Today is SUV 1.3T CVT vision contrast models trumpchi GS4 and ultimate 200T G-DCT comfort edition. Comparison of car models of SUV 1.3T CVT flagship vision models trumpchi GS4 200T G-DCT comfortable version of the official price 101 thousand and 900 115 thousand and 800 preferential prices temporarily no preferential 10 thousand Car Buying manual manual manual Car Buying Car Buying – Appearance: ripple family design VS young sports appearance geely vision SUV overall design design is the continuation of his brother Bo, the ripple give a person a kind of family face just the soft feeling. Trumpchi GS4 by young, fashion, sports design style, to attract more young sellers, in fact because of this design causes it to achieve good results on sales. Two car size contrast, two car can be said to occupy the dominant position in the vision of SUV each one has its own merits, body height and wheelbase, trumpchi GS4 is the dominant body length and width. Between SUV and vision trumpchi GS4 size comparison models trumpchi GS4 long vision SUV (mm) 4500 wide (mm) 1834 (mm) 1707 (mm) – wheelbase space: the difference is not too much practical experience down, vision SUV and trumpchi GS4 in space is not a big difference, because the vision of SUV whole body should be higher, so the head space, vision SUV a little better, also in the trunk space, vision SUV maximum spatial data to dominant. The power capacity with different character of the two cars are equipped with 1.3T turbocharged engine, but the dynamic performance of trumpchi GS4 some of the more radical, and equipped with 7 speed dual clutch gearbox to shift control logic is faster than some. Vision SUV equipped with CVT gearbox, mainly the pursuit of shift and ride comfort.相关的主题文章: