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Technology and experience: the key to winning the Internet home in? – Sohu Technology Abstract: as the important task in this battle charge into the enemy ranks industrial workers in today’s equipment apparently unable to complete the charge into the enemy ranks, outside jianchuanlibao easily will they had a very weak defense force a hit. Barbaric construction, negative construction is still a fatal injury to them, a little inattentive will fall into the trap of traditional home improvement. Internet home improvement for many people are talking about a new vocabulary, a lot of people involved in it seems to be in the exploration, just like the taste of a box just opened a variety of flavors of candy". Candy has been opened, and there are a lot of flavor, some people try to taste the taste of each candy, some people have a taste for a candy. No matter what kind of people they are trying to poke the fog to traditional decoration to bring the user to find a home to subvert the impression in people’s minds, and the re establishment of home improvement in people’s image, to find that only a person will impress him that "different kind of taste". Tuba rabbit by designers, the decoration decoration companies, construction workers, the owners are fully integrated into the same platform above, through the sharing of information and trying to reduce the decoration of the shady; Qijia Netcom will Jiezhuang building materials, decoration company buyers and sellers on the same platform above, and try to perfect docking by online and offline, reducing the price of shady…… Even though these Internet companies through their own efforts to carry out a number of home improvement, but still can not get rid of the fate of being questioned. Question: information sharing over the "affection", and can not solve the pain points of pain Jiezhuang point is always puzzling the user, but from another perspective, the Internet Jiezhuang companies can find opportunities from user pain points. Business opportunities always exist, and is deeply rooted in the existence of information sharing can not fundamentally change the user pain points. Because the pain point has been the actual operation of the process, only as a starting point from the information, and try to change the pain points through information is no different from the shoes rub itchy. Now, users have been able to through the Internet to find all aspects of home improvement process, and these links have been decomposed to many websites, every detail information for the owners to query the information about the original information, not many owners is not a good thing, in the face of so much information. Many owners in great confusion, and some Jiezhuang companies are using the flood of information to start a new round of "talk" to the owners, the owners in more confusion. Confusion can not be resolved eventually will become a pain point, and the accumulation of pain points is tantamount to pain and pain. The information sharing brings over is no longer with the past say goodbye easily, but avoid deeper darkness. Non-standard design, opaque price, non professional construction…… People in the home is still the pain point, the pain has not been resolved, the opaque information began to chaos. The original hope of information sharing has become!相关的主题文章: