The last pure world – Great Barrier Reef – Sohu travel (video) ca1805

Finally, the purity of the world – Great Barrier Reef – Sohu three visit to Australia, after more than a month, in addition to Perth, I almost visited Australia, but most want to go to the Great Barrier Reef (or The Great Barrier Reef). The Spring Festival in 2011, I went to Brisbane, ready to go to Great Barrier Reef, the result is just the biggest storm, Great Barrier Reef can not go, then went to Tasmania. However, the world’s largest and longest coral reefs are disappearing faster and faster, so it is necessary to look at the natural beauty of the Australian national treasure as soon as possible. First, how to go to Great Barrier Reef? The Great Barrier Reef is not a place, but a more than 2 thousand km length of the area, so Keynes can go to Great Barrier Reef, Townsville, Port Douglas and other places, and then turn the plane or boat, go to Coral Island Great Barrier Reef. Most people go to Keynes, because it is relatively cheap, I also go to Great Barrier Reef from Keynes. 1, there is no domestic aircraft flights are generally from Keynes, China flew to Australia home, turn on the turn to go to Great Barrier Reef, for example, fly to Australia in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, there are flights to Great Barrier Reef; Great Barrier Reef more than 1 thousand and 100 km from Brisbane, 600 kilometers from Keynes, is generally China fly to Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and then fly to Keynes; Keynes is the most convenient to Hongkong airlines to fly to Hongkong, Gold Coast, and Keynes finally fly, fly back to Hongkong, go to Brisbane is China Southern airlines. After 2, Keynes arrived in Keynes, buy tickets by boat or by plane to the sea, the sea. Most people will choose to go to the sea is relatively cheap, almost all of the hotels have to provide a variety of cruise company’s day tour information, there are many online booking. We take the silver shuttle (QuickSliver) group insurance ship, about 1200 yuan, 1.5 hours to reach the Norman Great Barrier Reef, features of the ship has many Chinese coaches and service personnel, the feeling is not to say English also OK, if you think China tourists, you can also choose other Yinsuo. There are many boats, are selling tickets at a ticket hall, you can also buy tickets online. 3, Great Barrier Reef great area, more than 2 thousand kilometers, nearly three thousand coral islands, so the sea where there are a lot of choices, for example, the most common is green, Norman Great Barrier Reef, Agincourt reef, heart-shaped reef, we went to the Green Island (via seasick and old people recommend only to Green Island), then Norman went to the Great Barrier Reef; you can also start from Port Douglas, take Yinsuo to Agincourt reef, the most beautiful is the famous heart reef, but also very far very expensive, want to go to Airlie Hamilton island. Two, when to go to Great Barrier Reef? The Great Barrier Reef has an average temperature of 23 degrees, a pleasant climate, can go all year round, I went in September, the water temperature is not cold, but the best season is the year 5 to October, this time a stable climate, water temperature, the heat is on January, will be bounded相关的主题文章: