The shrinking disc is hard to break bureau do not chase high performance

The shrinking disc is hard to break bureau do not chase high – performance since the August 25th stock index once again into the finance Roundtable board trading shrinking. The agency believes that the Shanghai Composite Index and the gem refers to the line in the vicinity of a narrow range, has its internal logic support. In the context of finishing concussion, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two city style is expected to focus on hot topics as speculation. Index board is difficult to break the China Securities News: since August 25th, the Shanghai composite index again shrinking board, follow this pattern can change? What factors will trigger the market to break the board? Fu Ziheng: the recent market stalemate showing typical technical characteristics, the SSE Composite Index and the gem index in the line near and below the narrow range, this trend has its own internal logic support. On the one hand, due to the restriction of economic fundamentals and other factors, to expand the market trend is not consistent with the expected, multi power attack last year not done in one vigorous effort on the other hand, line; due to the current monetary liquidity is relatively loose, the market for the second half of fiscal policy overweight have certain expectations, coupled with the impact of the IPO intensive, relatively stable chips hit a new account multiple factors, stock index down space is also limited. At present, the consolidation of the logic is still in, to break the board is the main market of the new expected economic fundamentals and monetary and fiscal policies or conversion, while the external factors that the Fed rate hike and sharp fluctuations in international commodity, will also have a certain impact. From the macro data, PMI indicators have improved, next week, there will be a few core data will be released, you can focus on specific data confirm each other. Monetary policy, the Fed rate hike expected on domestic open market operations, to maintain the recent net invested, the fiscal policy has increased trend. These aspects of the future will trigger the market to break the board, need to closely track. Zhou Xu: since the June British referendum in Europe, the global market volatility has declined significantly, that is, the global central bank to continue to endorse asset prices, asset prices rebounded, while the market is worried about the negative interest rate is not sustainable. The same is true in the domestic market. On the one hand, asset shortage, the logic of supporting the market, on the other hand, the valuation of the market risk appetite is difficult to significantly enhance the premise of market valuation is difficult to significantly enhance the central. At present, in Europe for the first time a non financial corporate bonds bonds negative interest rates with decreasing marginal utility, QE, began to explore the use of global central bank monetary policy gradually, gradually shifted to the fiscal stimulus, so China. As a result, the market is likely to face the monetary policy and fiscal policy to stimulate the marginal contraction force, market interest rates will inevitably appear a certain degree of improvement, which is the bond market and risk assets, will form a negative. Therefore, the current need to pay more attention to changes in market interest rates, which will have a fundamental impact on the current market board. Chen Jianhua: short term shrinking stock consolidation pattern is expected to continue. On the one hand, from the view of macro environment, the central bank open market operations shows that despite the possibility of monetary tightening is unlikely, but the probability of further easing is also low, especially RRR, interest rates and other monetary policy oriented strong short-term will not be issued. In the case of maintaining a neutral monetary policy, the capital market will not have a clear direction.相关的主题文章: