The status quo Chinese quit addiction schools generally to military training.

The status quo China quit addiction School: universal military training as the original title: status of school quit addiction: General charges to military training high CNR network Beijing on October 14th news according to the sound of Chinese "CNR night news" reported recently, there are several friends broke the news, known as the addiction treatment of Shandong science and technology college students, has beaten the defense off the confinement, forcing students to drink a twist mop water corporal punishment. Shandong Provincial Department of education after investigation, that broke the news is true, ordered the school to stop the school behavior. So what is the current situation of the national network of other schools? How to get rid of Internet addiction as the main business of the school running? How do these schools achieve the goal of improving child addiction? This reporter conducted an investigation. Quit addiction schools generally high fees, in military training, psychological counseling, Thanksgiving Education "16 year old female student imprisoned mother death, this is the Shandong science and Technology Institute of defense into public view. 16 year old Chen Xinran, was sent to the school to conduct behavioral correction. 4 months after returning home, Chen gladly not only the transformation of parents’ expectations, with a knife stabbed his father in a quarrel. After her father moved away from home, the mother imprisoned at home for 8 days, and the mother with tape and cloth tied up. After the autopsy showed that the stomach is empty, mother. Chen Xinran had been in the network repeatedly posting, said by the Shandong science and Technology College in defense of abuse to let her parents hate. Shandong science and Technology Institute of Defense said in its official website, the school is the school closed military management, with internet addiction, weariness, rebellious, autistic, indifferent emotion of students, psychological experts to rectify. And on the network, the school accused of corporal punishment, abuse of students in a small number of posts. Why children in school are not the same, in addition to Internet addiction, and adolescent rebellion, and autism, depression or homosexual sexual orientation and other issues, but the way the school treatment for all students is "across the board" — the first run every day a dozen kilometers and squats, push up hundreds of hundreds of times under high intensity military training. Then every day by the instructors about "don’t run", "parents send you in is for your good brainwashing". Instructors or squad leader beat in the school is the norm. Some students had reason to be unwarranted instructors pumping thirty or forty face with soles, half face swollen up. If the students reveal the idea of going, or other performance is not good, it will be locked in the room, beating, a pass is a few days, some students have been on the spot stun. For users of these revelations, investigation of the Shandong Provincial Department of Education released on its official micro-blog showed that after the investigation, the school existence of corporal punishment or corporal punishment in the management of students, the school immediately ordered to stop organizing taken for minor military education and training are all closed management, the existing students properly well, the aftermath of disreputable behavior rectification, and held responsible person’s responsibility. Has aroused public concern, Shandong Linyi Network Center相关的主题文章: