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The "super Live" Qin Internet Raiders interview – programming topics – part of the science and technology Sohu "Tan Chao click on the top of the rise and fall of an empire" free subscription magazine! Hello everyone, I do not know the Internet interview Raiders – previous articles have the audience to digest the contents of it? After half a month of preparation, now the Raiders are ready, will focus on the analysis of the interview type algorithm and programming problem. Will be combined with their own experience in Silicon Valley for more than three years of interviews with 300+ people, to give you from the interviewer’s point of view to analyze the algorithm programming problem solving skills. These two weeks unfortunately continued: many people said he received a rejection letter, they say there is no good news to me when hackrank or live interview to play our own strength. Have one thing in common! Afterwards, the topic is actually very simple, then their SB." So, remind everybody, do not be careless in the interview and the enemy. The price of this live is still special 39 yuan (after the end of the return to $98). I will set up Live WeChat group, h and friends in recent months to apply for a job interview interview experience and problems encountered. Live theme: Raiders interview – algorithm and Live programming problem in time: Beijing time in late November 3rd 7 Live link: "Qin super live" Silicon Valley Internet Co Raiders interview – novella (click on the lower left corner, read the original registration link): topic list and analysis of typical algorithm problems classified 1 Silicon Valley Internet Co; 2 from the interview the official thought analyzed how to effectively through programming issues; starting from a classical algorithm, to illustrate the importance of the details of the problem-solving ideas and answer in the course of different; 3 for best practices to improve their algorithm and programming ability; 4 others can allow job seekers to improve their programming through the proposals to the interview Live; for the crowd: 1 2 graduates go to Silicon Valley Internet Co or domestic and foreign people The group of 3 to improve their algorithm ability and the passing rate of 4 of all people interview is not satisfied with the status quo of the programmers from the Silicon Valley companies interview note: get feedback, a lot of people are hanging in the not very good expression and algorithm and problem-solving ideas, and is still a large proportion of people or resume the telephone interview directly without clearance, wasted a golden opportunity. So here is recommended if you do not participate in the interview before the Internet Raiders, to look at the Internet – the Beijing Raiders interview time in late November 3rd 7, we a rowing"! Again, Live – END – Do address: have the faith in what you love. Qin – the rise and fall of an Empire (qc_empire) according to the length of two-dimensional code recognition相关的主题文章: