The world war Wei Shuwu the new service opens today

The world war "Wei Shuwu" the new service opens today in Chibi Zhou Lang (micro-blog), huoshaolianying, six Qishan, three owned by Jin, Q version of the three epic feast, SLG features gameplay gathered! Sensitive music "s War Wei Shuwu" today 10 points to open new service. Half of the volatility is half the startling step by step, the Q version of adorable wind fresh and seductive, coupled with the traditional SLG simulation construction and innovative combat system, here you will experience only belong to me three thousands of wonderful expressions! Sensitive music "country Wei Shuwu" war games web games official website: sensitive music game "in China the battle of Wei Shuwu" web game: on the "national welfare" and Wei Shuwu "war" by the Beijing Wei Shu Wu Lei star development, sensitive music game operators released a Q version of the three themes of the game strategy. In the game of Wei, Shu and Wu three world age as the background theme, together with three heroes Paibingbuzhen adorable version, the conquest of the world. The game fresh picture! To develop novel gameplay! Cool skills will make three games enthusiasts 100 cities find everything fresh and new, battle, the magnificent three national war, more game experience will be brought to the extreme. "Wei Shuwu’s official website:" war "war Wei Shuwu" game player group: 516579383, open mobile phone QQ fast sweep plus group chat together three.相关的主题文章: