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These acts are hindering the development of children’s intelligence! Sohu 1 maternal biased in real life there are many children look smart, but not necessarily the best learning achievement, learning achievement is some subjects are not good, more is one aspect of a department or a department is not good. If you look at a dinner, we will find that there is a big difference between adults and children, that is an adult will own love dishes, eat at the end. The children are often like to eat their own food to eat. The child’s learning also exists in this kind of psychology, every time they encounter their favorite subjects, they will doze off in class. So always scolded by the teacher. At this time our parents should be vigilant, because in my experience, most of the children because they do not like the teacher, so do not like this subject. So, partial branch is not correct, partial teacher is true. Our parents and children at this time to make a long talk, help children to analyze the "biased", and then come up with at least three ways to change it. 2 do not know the rules of mental labor first of all we have to understand what the brain in order to use the majority of your brain. The first thing you need to do is to figure out how the brain works, how it works, how to remember, how to focus and how to think creatively. Generally speaking, the left half of the brain mainly deals with the functions of language, logic, mathematics and order. The right part of the brain with rhythm, melody, music, image and imagination, the so-called creative activities. Many studies make me believe, when our brain is "active relaxed" state, we can quickly and effectively absorb information, the normal use of the brain in children benign mood, the brain is absolutely not bad. 3 I am stupid children’s self concept has the idea of a stupid child, intellectual gate closed to stop the development of! Assuming the shot at your enemy, your goal is next to your parents, this is the absolute confidence test, if you are not confident, will shake hands; if you are confident, can easily do deep concentration. The child is the same, feel that to write homework, the time of the examination of the whole body secretion of malignant hormones, energy began to stop the output, the brain hair wood, in a closed state, do not turn. A mother in preschool son of parents, teacher of the child’s performance is not satisfactory: "your children do not sit for three minutes, with the best hospital check is not ADHD?" As her mother was very ashamed and guilty, but when she saw the children waiting outside, immediately restored calm. Son timidly asked her teacher what to say, she told the child: the teacher said you can not sit for a minute, now can sit three minutes, the number of the class you progress…… The child didn’t use her for the first time that night. Later participated in the primary school children’s parents, the teacher’s words made her cry: 50 students in the class of your son admitted to the bottom of the second, I suspect that he has mental problems." She didn’t know how she was going home, and the son asked the teacher if he was afraid. She said quietly.相关的主题文章: