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Thin soft water and all-match pancake, baby love – two days before the Sohu child in the circle of friends to send breakfast staple food, water, chicken fried pancake collocation double wire (radish, carrot) making rolls, a lot of friends consulting practice, today sorted out for everyone to share. This water is our traditional home eat pancake, steamed and cooked dough through the water, very soft, very suitable for baby food. But whether it is Chinese or western style dishes are very all-match, the variety, the most suitable picky and hi new baby. The morning just after a meal, peas requires "Mom, this evening I have to eat burritos ~" ^_^ pancake materials: flour, water (can also add 1/3 grains, such as small, Rice noodles corn powder, soybean powder and so on) approach: 1) in the basin into the flour, slowly pour boiling water, stir with chopsticks into the side the larger grain size of the dough, then knead the dough, cover placed more than 15 minutes. 2) knead the dough strips, cut into equal size, take a piece of dough into round, roll into thin sheet. 3) take appropriate size of the dough, knead the first round, and then rolling pin roll, try to roll thin. 4) the water into the steamer, boil first into a dough, immediately covered with lid, about 1 minutes, the heat up, lift the lid, and then into a dough cover and simmer for 1 minutes, so repeatedly, until the last piece of dough into 2 minutes after the stew. (this process has been in need of fire water) 5) off the fire after the need to immediately remove the steamer, put a face off on the plate, this will not be the mutual adhesion. 6) with their favorite dishes, whether Chinese, western style, roll up to eat on the good. Note: 1) made by boiling water Tangmian burritos, will taste more soft, even slightly cool some will not harden. Tangmian knead than cold water and surface water is soft, when a little slowly into, basically stir with chopsticks into the figure of large particles and the surface can be. If you feel hard dough again a small amount of water, if just start stirring into a fine small pimple again and face, generally soft. 2 if you eat in the morning, in order to save time, the dough can be good in advance, cut into the refrigerator overnight, when the production of the room temperature can be taken out in advance. 3) must as far as possible when rolling a thin wrapper, then steamed out is more soft and delicious, I usually can see through to roll the dough cutting lines so far. Of course, a wrapper is a technology live, beginning with some difficulties when rolling, good practice. At the beginning of the middle is easier to roll thin around the thick, with rolling pin roll out around emphatically finally. 4) in order to save time, I usually take out half roll after the beginning of the last few pieces of steamed steamed roll edge edge. If you feel the wrapper difficult friends can all roll together after steaming, get free time to rush. 5) rolls when put the dishes on the side of the bottom of the cake, folded up a little and then followed by the closing volume to the other side, this dish is not easy to fall off. Some water rolls water we eat pancake flipping over)相关的主题文章: