This winter heating season in Yinchuan heat metering prices to rise — Ningxia channel —

This winter heating season in Yinchuan heat metering and the price is going up — Ningxia channel — recently, the Yinchuan Municipal Price Bureau issued the "Yinchuan on the adjustment of heat metering prices (Trial) related issues notice", established by the basic heat price accounted for 30%, accounting for 70% of the price of heat metering and heat metering charges according to the price. The standard will be November 1st trial. It is understood that Yinchuan will be adjusted for the current price of heat metering, and continue to have the central heating household metering conditions of residential and non residential residents in accordance with the amount of heat metering household metering charges. After the first 2 to 3 years of price adjustment, to obtain a complete real data, and then in accordance with the relevant legal procedures for the development of specific charges. The trial of the standard based on the current residents of the hot price, commercial housing and the price of hot room heat, heat metering heating prices by 30% of the basic heat price and the measurement of thermal price accounted for 70% part of the composition. Heat users should be in accordance with the current heat supply before the start of the heat price to pay the heat fee, heating, and then according to the calculation of the heat metering charges. Heat metering fee is higher than the calculated according to the area of heat consuming, not pay heat costs; lower than the calculated according to the area of heat consuming, heating sector users to refund the difference. Due to the heat meter and the quality of damage caused by measuring data distortion, according to the current way of land fee. Yinchuan Heating Property Office official told reporters that this year, Yinchuan will select some of the old district and some new residential areas, with a total area of 1 million square meters to 2 million square meters, as a heat metering pilot fees. (reporter Zhang Ying) the latest heat metering prices look at heating metering prices (Trial) the implementation of the basic heat price and the combined measurement of thermal price of the two thermal price. The basic heat price = price of current heat (construction area of the construction area valuation) × ($m2); × 30%× (5 months); heat metering and heat metering: residents of price adjustment for the price from 0.119 yuan to 0.142 yuan adjustment million kwh, administrative office from 0.128 yuan to 0.153 yuan kWh kwh business users, from 0.144 yuan to 0.172 yuan adjustment kwh kwh. 1 residential heating heat metering charges: basic heating charges =3.8× 30%× 5 =0.142× thermal heat metering and charging; the user consumption of calories (KWH) 2 administrative office heat measuring costs: the basic heat price of current heat fee = × 30%× 5; heat metering fee = 0.153 yuan kwh × consumption of heat (heat user KWH); 3 commercial heating heat metering charges: basic heat charge current heat price = × 30%× 5; heat metering fee = 0.172 yuan kwh× heat users consumed heat (KWH) (Li Yanfen, Ma: commissioning editor sweet)相关的主题文章: