Treasure to add a food supplement, it’s a big deal. – maternal Sohu

Treasure to add a food supplement, it’s a big deal. – Sohu maternal 10-24 months of treasure, eat what? Treasure to add a food supplement, it’s a big deal. Breast milk is still able to provide some of this stage of energy, high quality protein, calcium and other important nutrients, as well as a variety of immune protection factor. So, Xiao Nan to continue breastfeeding, can not only promote the intimate connection between mother and child, and can promote the development of treasure. If you can not breastfeed or breast milk is not enough? That requires a strong complement of formula milk. Po 6 months, the gastrointestinal tract and other digestive organs in fact has been relatively perfect, the digestion of the mother hole outside the diversification of food, properly no pressure. Besides, this treasure, oral motor function, taste, smell and touch perception. And psychological, cognitive and behavioral ability has also said, "we are ready, just waiting for new food." everything is ready, only owe the complementary tone ah this is, or hurry? When the food can meet the nutritional needs and psychological requirements. And Bao Ya Bao promote perception, psychological development, and cognitive and behavior ability…… What a good looking appearance. If the treasure of a special need, can be under the guidance of a doctor, add cooking time adjustment. The general principle is that Po after the age of June still need to continue breastfeeding, and gradually introduce other food. The other is food, food supplement, or various other food except milk and formula milk traits. You can’t keep up with your milk. The South will focus for Bao foods. From the so-called iron rich mud pastefood gradually began to add to the diversity of food, and is considering this December age: 7, treasure the energy required for about 13, 12 is a food supplement provided drops, 13, 24 month old treasure, can provide more complementary energy, about 12 to 23, breast milk feeding food supplement in iron absorption from the treasure is up to 99%, gee, terrible? So, treasure the first to add food supplement, is naturally rich in iron and iron fortified infant who, for example, Rice noodles minced meat, iron ensures that the re introduction of other types of food, different nutrients for treasure. We advocate the principle of complementary feeding, so adding one new food at a time; from less to more, from thin to thick; from fine to coarse, step by step. Specifically, Baba Mama begins with an iron rich mud paste food, such as iron fortified infant Rice noodles, minced meat, gradually increase the types of food, a gradual transition to the semi – solid or solid food, such as rotten face, minced meat, chopped vegetables, fruit grain etc.. The introduction of a new kind of food, it is necessary to adapt to the first 2 or 3 days, close observation of the reaction of treasure, such as the emergence of vomiting, diarrhea, rash and other adverse reactions, to adapt to a kind of. In a word, Baba Mama these points to note: mother’s milk must be reduced, gradually increase the amount of food supplement. First, add iron fortified baby rice, meat, mud and other iron rich mud paste food. Each time a new food is introduced.相关的主题文章: