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Two Mercedes Benz S350 in Zhuhai owned big lovers! Guangdong Channel – original title: yesterday the two Mercedes Benz S350 in the couple owned event! Yesterday (6 days) in the morning, the traffic flow of sweethearts road, a Mercedes S350 car and a Audi car collision, and crashed into a roadside tree, hit the front deformation. At the same time, another Mercedes Benz S350L just entered the road surrounded by traffic police, traffic police to buckle him more than and 100 points! A lens: October 6th at 9:40 in the morning, Fumou driving a Guangdong CG0× × No. 3 black Mercedes S350 car traveling north to south in the direction of the couple, traveling to Qinghua Hotel intersection, just to pingmou driving a Guangdong C6F× × No. 9 White Audi car is turning left, two car after the collision, the car lost control and hit the Mercedes Benz, right in front of a big tree by the roadside, severely damaged the front. After receiving the alarm, Gongbei Traffic Police Brigade police rushed to the scene disposal. The police found the Mercedes Benz car damage is very serious, hit the front completely sag, severe deformation of the front bonnet, knocked the tall. Another car accident injured Audi is not so serious, just a slight abrasions in front of the car, the license plate color paint off. Fortunately, due to the protection of airbags, two car drivers are not injured. Currently, the traffic police department is doing further investigation of the accident. Luxury car performance, running fast, but also to comply with traffic regulations. The holidays on the road more, in case of an event, not only the festival is not good, but also endanger the lives of others, all the drivers have to learn the lesson! Lens two: Mercedes Benz today in the couple road accident really a lot! 12 o’clock, a Cantonese CPH× × 9 black Mercedes Benz S350L car from the Beijing Zhuhai high-speed intersection just into Zhuhai, touched the alarm system. Patrolling police mobile brigade police received alarm messages containing mobile phone, dispatched according to the vehicle routes. The Mercedes Benz car has 45 cases of illegal traffic has not been processed, has entered the blacklist of traffic police! When the Mercedes Benz car traveling to the Pearl Park Road, the police officer to accommodate the phone once again received the alarm, he judged the car’s driving route is entered by the harbor road lovers. When the police officer driving a motorcycle to let harbor Avenue cross couple road traffic lights, I found this car was dispatched to the Mercedes Benz car was driving, he has to follow the couple road Huahai Road, the car stopped. According to the driver Xiemou account, he is not the owner of the car. Take the car before the car owners revealed to him a number of traffic violations untreated, thinking about the car at the end of the year when examined, sex is certainly no problem. Xiaobian want to say, when you make money not to make money after the end of a one-time use, so hard to work every day? Most of these 45 traffic violations are speeding on the highway, there are a few running red lights, illegal parking, etc.. Small make up roughly, these illegal at least to buckle more than and 100 points. Finally, the traffic police withheld vehicles and related certificate)相关的主题文章: