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Vine to the lonely! Domestic short video into the air, what is the reason – Sohu Technology Abstract: in four years, a short video originator Vine has entered the countdown to life. The media reported the | November 9th training camp Zhao Shuping "don’t put your company sold!" October 27th early morning, short video social service Vine founder Ross · sub (RusYusupov) on the Twitter made such a message. The reason is that Twitter is in trouble, to shut down has not been profitable Vine. As the founder of the wave has already left the Vine, to start a business, but looked at the children who have been trained to be abandoned, and even to death, the words of infinite pain and sorrow. In 2012, Vine sold to Twitter, Vine has been in the limelight after starting the stormy days. At present, Vine has a new turning point. According to foreign media reports, Vine of the world’s mobile phone short video sharing service "originator" may not be Twitter off, but can not escape the fate of being transferred. According to reports, Twitter has received a number of companies offer, is currently being evaluated. Some of the offer is less than $10 million, the money is only equivalent to Vine a month’s operating expenses. Twitter transfer to Vine, not to get rid of, but lost baggage. First of all, Twitter last quarter earnings showed that Twitter lost $103 million, forcing the Twitter downsizing: 9% layoffs, about 350 people, of which Vine Department layoffs of forty people. On the other hand, Vine in recent years and did not bring benefits to Twitter, its App download in the United States has fallen more than 300 Store ranking. These allow Vine to be abandoned object. Vine Twitter bought Vine in 2012 change radically, and is regarded as the Internet era changes, triggered a wave of short video social entrepreneurship. Become a symbol of social transfer from text, pictures to the era of short video. Vine as the world’s first 6 seconds short video social networking service, because the interesting content of low threshold, Vine line within half a year attracted 40 million downloads, it has become the focus of. Vine on the first day of the network has received more than 100 million times the number of viewing, and even on the Vine to do the video also has a Vine artist, such a professional title. Short video market, the formation of Twitter and Facebook two strong hegemony situation. Vine only briefly took the iOS downloads top, quickly fell down the altar. In recent years, Vine downloads ranking continued to decline in the United States, AppStore has over 300 to the total list. At the same time, Vine external competition is also more!相关的主题文章: