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Visit the land of abundance Beijing modern what brings something to the 2016 Chengdu International Auto Show has been officially opened on September 2nd, as the western region the largest and most influential international auto show, after 19 long years of development, the Chengdu auto show has become one of the most important international auto show Chinese today. This year’s Chengdu auto show as the golden nine silvers ten traditional sales spurt outpost, domestic and international manufacturers is bound to all out, the market potential of the southwest great divide up the cake. As the domestic industry ranked fourth in the mainstream camp of modern Beijing, the trip to the southwest, but also to the people who brought surprises? A huge battle! Hitherto unknown! Three new models on the Qi people did not think that, in this year’s Chengdu auto show, Beijing Hyundai will spare no effort in the second half of the central stage plan three car onto the Chengdu auto show, respectively, 2017 new Shengda, paragraph 2017 of the ninth generation Sonata 1.6T modified models and the Beijing Auto Show after many consumers eagerly for the acceptance of the production version of the model, in addition to ix25 1.6T as a model of cars at the same time with the team. In this year’s Beijing auto show, accepted concept car caused the sensation that we also remember the Chengdu auto show, the world’s first accepted production version once again attracted all the attention. As one of the highlights of modern Beijing in the second half, with intelligence and vitality for the new models important label acceptable still need to shoulder the responsibility to promote the brand part of the texture. According to the Beijing modern said, the new car accepted released at the same time, the pre-sale will start simultaneously, 10 months late will be officially listed, but at the end of September, will be acceptable arrived at the dealership formally meet with consumers. In the future, in addition to the four door car three edition, Beijing Hyundai will launch five door hatchback and Sport models to meet the different needs of different consumers. So far, Beijing modern in 2016 of the new release plan is completed, this year the new car have been unveiled is completed, and up to three new models of the Qi site huge battle also reflects the modern Beijing attaches great importance to the Chengdu auto show, at a deeper level also shows the southwest market potential of modern Beijing and the potential for attention cake shizaibide determination. D+S models will push on the line to the "quality" to expand the Southwest Division benefits from the launch car, we can easily pry out the intention and focus of modern Beijing, the three car, 2017 new Shengda, paragraph 2017 of the ninth generation Sonata 1.6T models belong to Beijing modern D+S strategy models of the column. According to the latest sales data shows, August Beijing modern total sales of 82025 vehicles, an increase of 17.15%, which D+S models (senior car +SUV car) sales accounted for Beijing modern August overall sales of 54.1%, while the SUV family no accident continue to sit tight domestic joint venture SUV sales in the first throne, its overall competitiveness is strong D+S strategy considerably. 2017 new Shengda launched its continue to overweight in the midsize SUV market segments have inherent advantages, but due to the launch of the ninth generation of the sonata is not a long time.相关的主题文章: