Wanda Huayi Ali overseas explosion to buy film and television capital interpretation of the sea thre stand by me shinee

Wanda Huayi Ali overseas explosive film capital of three to buy deductive path of Ma Yun Spielberg dialogue, and Chinese closer distance between Hollywood and Wanda, Huayi Brothers, Ali pictures overseas buy Chinese film capital deduction to burst three paths recently, a Alibaba group chairman of the board of directors Ma Yun and international well-known director Spielberg dialogue will "Chinese film company the sea a lot of Double cooked pork slices and fry. After this conversation, Ali pictures announced the video content of strategic investment Spielberg founded the production company AmblinPartners. In recent years, China film sea capital moves frequently, the Huayi Brothers in overseas investment in the United States hezonglianheng, STX, South Korea Showbox, Russell brothers, after Wanda cinema overseas buy buy buy". But from the Chinese TV drama big three movements, Huayi Brothers, Wanda cinema, Ali pictures respectively represent three different China film capital sea route, the map and the income is also different. Overseas burst to buy more variables to talk about the film assets overseas mergers and acquisitions, the first one is to mention wanda. Following the acquisition of U.S. A M C, second theaters of the legendary American films, A M C this year it bought the first in Europe and the United States fourth cinema theaters. But Wang Jianlin’s goal is more than that. He accepted an exclusive interview with American CN N at the end of the month that are interested in Fawkes in twentieth Century, Columbia, paramount, Universal Pictures, Warner Brothers and Disney and the "big six" Hollywood film company. Compared with rivals, is the cornerstone of Wanda cinema, the cinema from the downstream to upstream the layout of the entire film industry is a special industry chain, Wanda film industry development path. And through the acquisition of upstream film and television companies, you can directly get all the acquired company IP and experience. In the M & a legendary pictures of the signing ceremony, Wang Jianlin said: "the legendary pictures of thousands of IP intellectual property rights, the future will become the tourism industry or the children’s entertainment industry great life, realize the continuation of film products." However, the fall, Wanda International Road radical is not smooth. According to "the Wall Street journal" reported that Wanda announced the proposed acquisition of Hollywood TV studios Dick Clark, a senior member of the United States House of representatives sent a letter to the U.S. Department of justice, said Wanda Group of American entertainment, a series of mergers and acquisitions by foreign capital in the United States a large part of the media industry control concerns. Another source said, Wanda paramount refused to extend the olive branch. Music is the media director, director of research and development and analysis of an interview with reporters in Nandu, pointed out that the other side is not worried about China’s capital. When Japan’s SONY, Panasonic and other large amounts of capital to buy Hollywood film company, has also caused such a rebound. If Wanda following the AMC, legendary pictures, buy paramount equity, "will become a big Mac, have a very strong voice on film industry". Unless Wanda stand out: do not interfere with the company’s operations, will not cause too much threat to competitors, in order to quell the rebound. "The investment risk is high and assorted cold dishes" movie started on the Huayi Brothers相关的主题文章: