Wang Chen actively respond to abuse of vulgar language network and other issues

Wang Chen: actively respond to vulgar language abuse problems – Beijing, Beijing in September 14, according to the National People’s Congress China network news, September 12th, vice chairman of the NPC Standing Committee and Secretary General Wang Chen attended the 60 anniversary of the implementation of conference to commemorate the "national language law" the 15 anniversary of the State Council issued "on the promotion of Putonghua instruction" and "simplified scheme" Chinese characters and speech. Talking about the current application specification language is facing new challenges in the network era, Wang Chen pointed out that all levels of language work departments should properly handle the relationship between a variety of languages, actively respond to abuse problems such as excessive use of vulgar language and foreign language in social life, create a civilized norms of language and social environment. Following is the full text of the speech: "the national common language law" Comrades further implementation: today, we held a meeting here to commemorate the "national language law" the 15 anniversary of the State Council promulgated the "on the promotion of Putonghua instruction" and "Chinese characters" 60 anniversary of the implementation of the simplified scheme. Summing up the past, for the future, don’t forget the heart, continue to move forward, is to promote the national common language standardization, and promote the healthy development of the national and regional economic and cultural exchanges, better play the role of the national common language in social life. Earlier, the Ministry of education and several other departments, Jiangsu Province, Gansu Province, responsible comrades on how to further implement the "national language", to further improve the promotion of Putonghua and the standardized Chinese characters, put forward plans and suggestions were all good. After a while, Vice Premier Liu Yandong will deliver an important speech, we must conscientiously implement. Here, I would like to talk about a few views. First, fully understand the important significance of the promulgation and implementation of the "universal language and law" is the main carrier of culture, is an important basis for the development of culture and cultural dissemination of the basic way. The nineteenth article of the constitution of the People’s Republic of China stipulates: "the State shall promote the use of putonghua." 60 years since the founding of new China, party and the country attaches great importance to language work, the beginning of PRC issued "on the promotion of Putonghua instruction" and "Chinese characters" simplified scheme, the implementation of Putonghua and the standardized Chinese characters in the country. In October 2000, the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress passed the "law of the people’s Republic of China", and decided to put it into effect on January 1, 2001. This is the first special law in the field of Chinese language and literature, which is of epoch-making significance. The first is to establish the legal status of Putonghua and standard Chinese characters as the national language. This is the most important historical achievement of this law. The national common language and law stipulates that: "the common language of the country in this law is Putonghua and standard Chinese characters." "The state promotes Putonghua, the implementation of standardized Chinese characters." After years of efforts, the national common language has become the dominant language in official activities, education, film and television and public service industries, has become China’s different ethnic groups and regions between the main communication tool. This is for national unity, national unity and economic cooperation相关的主题文章: