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Wang Yi meets with British Foreign Secretary Johnson – China News Agency, New York, September (19) – Chinese foreign minister, Minister of foreign affairs, said at the local time on the evening of 19, in New York, met with British Foreign Secretary, Mr, on. Wang Yi said that Sino British relations have maintained a good momentum of development, fruitful cooperation in various fields, the two sides have the conditions to build a good foundation for Sino British Relations golden age". China attaches great importance to British influence in international affairs, commended the country adhere to free trade, pursues the policy of opening up, and from a strategic perspective and global perspective view of the relationship between the two countries, prepared for the years of cooperation and exchange mechanisms, docking "The Belt and Road" initiative and the development strategy, strengthen cultural exchanges, to carry out various forms of the three party cooperation, promote bilateral cooperation in various fields to a new height, bear new fruit. China appreciates the British Hinkley point nuclear power project to make clear decisions, hope that the smooth implementation of the project. Johnson said that Britain is pleased to see the development of Sino British relations continued under the new situation, the two countries have many common interests, believe that bilateral exchanges and cooperation will be more closely. China is Britain’s increasingly important partners, Britain is committed to developing relations with China and is willing to promote bilateral cooperation in various fields by using "The Belt and Road" construction, and actively carry out three party cooperation, steadily promote the Hinckley angle project, and promote greater development of bilateral relations in the "golden age". The two sides also exchanged views on North Korea’s nuclear, Afghanistan, counter-terrorism and other issues. (end)相关的主题文章: