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What makes a woman fit for a stunt flight? Aviation experts answer – Sohu Military Channel text with map: -10 female fighter pilot Yu Xu, killed in the flight training, only 30 years old. CCTV news client news November 13th, the sky crashed, the blue sky of the motherland without her. In November 12th, -10 fighter pilot Yu Xu, killed in the flight training, only 30 years old. How dangerous stunt flying? Aerobatics is recognized as the world is dancing on the tip, even in daily training, these pilots are facing great risk. It can be said that the general military training in the use of scientific methods to avoid risks, while aerobatic team is to take the initiative to challenge the risk. How to challenge the limits of aerobatic pilot body? In addition to difficult maneuvers, harsh flight training, pilots are always in danger of stunt driving, especially supersonic fighter, at speeds of up to 800-900 kilometers per hour, the spacing is only a few meters, the operation is very difficult, called the challenge the limits of the human body in aerobatics process. Pilots are under great pressure, the pressure often reached the pilot weight several times, this is called a flight load; by the centrifugal force, the blood pressure will cause leg down, the pilot head head will cause hypoxic hypoxia; pilot narrow field of vision becomes dark, serious cases even cause blackout, the pilot in aerobatics but also in this case the accurate control of the aircraft flight movements…… Why is it so dangerous? Wang Yanan, an aviation expert: aerobatic flight is completely different from ordinary flight. The common mission is carried out in a conventional flight mode is fixed, the process of security measures more fully, there is enough safety margin, once the accident, the pilots often have a relatively good life condition. The aerobatics is a direct challenge to the difficult subject action, the pilot must bravely face the potential risks, and the risk is limited to the controllable range through skillful training. Wang Yanan said the stunt flying training especially machine aerobatic training, the formation of aircraft in close distance, but also may require the machine to carry out roll maneuver etc. in the formation, once the accident, means that the ejection window for pilots is more narrow, and the ejection posture and the environment is more complex. But this is the inherent risk of aerobatic flight, and the inherent risk of the flight itself, is not completely avoided. The accident happened what stunt flying? For example, the famous "Blue Angel" aerobatic team, was founded 70 years ago, every 10 pilots had 1 people killed, "the Russian aerobatic team even had a flight accident loss 4 Elite pilots. Stunt flying accident in July 27, 2002 occurred in recent years, Ukraine Su -27 fighter crashed in the stunt, resulting in 78 deaths, more than and 100 people were injured, causing a crash accident show on the history of the most serious. .相关的主题文章: