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The founder of WhatsApp FB once again selling shares of more than $200 million in September 10 BI Chinese station reported on Thursday to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) submitted documents show that social network Facebook’s instant messaging service WhatsApp co-founder Jane Qom (Jan Koum) to sell the shares held by Facebook, a profit of $203 million. Qom has always on pre arranged trading plan, steadily to sell its shares held by Facebook. Since the beginning of February 2016, the monthly trading stocks several times of qom. Last month, the executive compensation research firm Equilar’s help, Business Insider based on the behavior of stock sold this year a SEC file. The results show that since January this year, Qom has sold more than 22 million shares of Facebook stock, cash of about $2 billion 800 million. In February 2014, Facebook agreed to buy WhatsApp for more than $19 billion, in cash and stock. Due to the rise in Facebook shares, when the transaction was completed in October 2014, the price of the acquisition of WhatsApp Facebook rose to $22 billion. When the sale of WhatsApp, Qom has about 45% of the company’s stock. According to the "Forbes" estimates, the carrying amount of the wealth at Qom about $10 billion, and received Facebook board seats. By the end of 2015, according to the Facebook annual proxy statement, Qom has more than 60 million shares of Facebook common stock. In addition, Qom will also have more than 19 million shares of restricted stock. These shares were granted in stages to encourage them to remain in the company until November 2018. According to the grant program, Qom this year has received about 3 million shares of restricted stock in these. Overall, about 1/3 of the Qom sold its shares held by Facebook this year. A stock sell-off is still rapid growth of positive WhatsApp. However, WhatsApp wants to make some changes to the service in order to gain some revenue opportunities, but these practices may alienate some users. Last month, Facebook announced that WhatsApp will change its privacy policy, which is the first time since the acquisition of its privacy policy changes. Facebook is able to see the user’s phone number when registering WhatsApp. As a result, Facebook can use this information to allow businesses to contact the user directly through the WhatsApp, and to show more relevant advertising to the logged in user. Facebook has implemented such operations on its Messenger application. However。 WhatsApp will not share these phone numbers directly with the user. In February this year, WhatsApp months more than 1 billion users. According to the website traffic analysis network Simi.相关的主题文章: