Woman on the bus lost money unconscious bus master sent home to be a liar darren hayes

The woman on the bus lost money sent home by bus master unconscious when the new network fraud – Guangzhou daily news (reporter correspondent Lin Yimin Mo Weifeng) "even my own wallet lost all don’t know, the bus master actually according to my address to me personally sent back, at first thought it was a liar, knowing the truth really very touched." The day before yesterday evening, Guangzhou Volkswagen Company 204 line driver Wen Jianmin master driving back to the eight Zhongshan Road station to inspect the car, picked up a wallet and custody of stationmaster Huang Zhiqiang, one hour after the past is not the owner came to claim, then according to the address information inside the wallet owner ID card, the wallet back to the owner personally Guo home. When the owner Miss Guo back his lost wallet, said moved on yellow webmaster and temperature the drivers of both careful and enthusiastic service attitude, praise and thanks. Careless: lost wallet unconscious 7 pm that night, three gas company 204 line driver driving back to the eight temperature Jianmin Zhongshan Road station, when a routine check on the train, found a black wallet on the stool under temperature, the driver picked up after the first time by the station master Huang Zhiqiang, two people live on the inventory, the wallet has two hundred yuan in cash, ID cards, Yangchengtong, insurance cards and three bank cards etc.. Under normal circumstances, the owner of the lost items inside the bus will soon call or come in person to find, so lost on the station in the temporary storage lockers, waiting for the owner to come claim. According to the owner Miss Guo introduced, 6 pm that night, his 204 ride home after home as usual, also did not find any abnormality, "completely unaware of what the lost wallet." She later recalled that, although not much cash in the wallet, but there are ID cards, health insurance cards, bank cards and other important documents, if lost or picked up by others will certainly bring a lot of trouble. Oolong: well intentioned people to be an hour later as a liar, the owner Miss Guo not only come to find, even the phone did not hit the company’s service hotline. Master Huang thought: "now is the owner did not find themselves lost wallet?" The Wallet ID is more important, Huang Zhiqiang noted that the identity of the webmaster address is not very far from the station, passengers anxious anxious, call the head of from the branch leadership, according to the address information on the identity of the owner, the owner personally walk to home in return. After about ten minutes walk, a way to find the owner, he finally arrived at Miss Guo home: "excuse me, Miss Guo in"? Just out of the door is so long, I Miss Guo, immediately asked: "would you just sit 204 bus?" Miss Guo for a stranger’s inquiry, appears to be some preparedness, there is no positive answer. "At first I thought I was a liar, and suddenly knocked on the door." Miss Guo said. However, Huang did not give up, he introduced himself as the 204 line of the bus station, asked Miss Guo is not just sitting in the bus left a wallet in the car. Miss Guo heard, hurriedly opened her handbag and pocket, and his wallet was gone to.相关的主题文章: