Wu Yingjie guarding the border to build a good home let the bright five-star red flag flying rainlendar

Wu Yingjie: a good guardian of border construction good home   let the bright flag flying high, local leaders — people.com.cn original title: protect the border construction of hometown so bright flag flying high in October 12th, Party Secretary of the autonomous region, Tibet Military Region Party committee first book remember Lhunze County Shannan Wu Yingjie in-depth investigation. This is in the Lhunze County Xiang Biyu, Wu Yingjie visit condolences to the public security border defense officers and soldiers. Reporter Lausanne photo October 12th, Party Secretary of the autonomous region, Tibet military region Lhunze County Shannan city party secretary Wu Yingjie first in-depth investigation and study. This is the Cirencuo Mu Xiang Biyu Lhunze County home, Wu Yingjie and representatives of the people sitting together, cordial conversation. Reporter Lausanne photo October 12th (Tibet) party secretary of the autonomous region, Tibet military party first secretary Wu Yingjie deep city Lhunze County, Shannan village troops, visit condolences to the grassroots cadres and the masses and border officers, promoting the development of border areas and stability, people of all nationalities to improve production and living conditions, strengthen grass-roots party building, precise poverty alleviation work investigation. The research process and to protect the border Wu Yingjie ardently encouraged the border, good home construction, let the bright five-star red flag in the great motherland flying high! District Party Committee Standing Committee, executive vice chairman of the autonomous region ding industry is accompanied by inspection. Production and living conditions of the people of the frontier line, is an important part of the research. Wu Yingjie walked along the muddy bumpy mountain road, drove more than and 10 hours to Xiang Yu Mai Lhunze county. When the destination is in the evening, accompanied by Hu Xuemin branch secretary and mayor Dawa Xiangdang, Wu Yingjie strolled into the homes of villagers Mirrento M, and representatives of people sitting together, chatting together dearly. Recall the history of Biyu Township, we told the Secretary, Xiang Biyu for a long time only a family. Later, the regional party committee and government sent cadres and doctors, the new road, built power stations and hospitals, here became more and more popular. Last year, the per capita disposable income reached 26000 yuan, we greatly appreciate the kindness of the party, all go with the party. After listening to the story, Wu Yingjie is very happy, he will face the bright five-star red flag to the representatives of the masses and hands said emotionally, "I am with the Xiang Biyu 54 cadres and the masses deep affection and respect to come here, your motherland border guards, to ensure that this piece of land of our great motherland not being eaten away, don’t be split off. Although you are all Chinese least populated Township, but you are fine sons and daughters of the Chinese nation, I pay tribute to the late Sanjay Cooper old man, I salute you! I hope that under the leadership of the party and the government, with the help of the people’s Liberation Army, we will keep our border, build our hometown, let the bright red flag flying high in the land of the great motherland!" In the Biyu township government, village committee, Biyu Biyu police station of public security border defense, Wu Yingjie visited the grass-roots party members and cadres, and through them to the grassroots party members and cadres expressed cordial greetings. Wu Yingjie pointed out that stability and development is the common aspiration of the people of all ethnic groups in the region. The majority of Party members and cadres and members of the team in the village to aim at precise help相关的主题文章: