Xiangjiang autumn Biqin 55 million 600 thousand turnover Guqin auction field become upstart zhuxianduowan

Xiangjiang autumn Biqin 55 million 600 thousand transactions become upstart "Xiangjiang Guqin auction field Qiubi" piano at the end of Qing Emperor Qianlong "Xiangjiang Qiu Qin Wang Bi" turnover of HK $55 million 600 thousand Shixiang old Tibet Tang "King Yi Yin" Fu – Qin 115 million yuan turnover Mou Jianping took "China art treasures" concert in October 5th 2016 Hongkong Sotheby’s autumn, a a Qing Emperor Qianlong "Xiangjiang Qiubi" Qin to 55 million 600 thousand Hong Kong dollars high turnover. Why would the Guqin shoot such a high price? How long have the Guqin history? What are the Guqin styles? The Guqin collection value where? In recent years, the domestic art collection hot new emerging market, which is one of the highlights of the guqin, warmly pursued by collectors. In 2010 Beijing poly autumn auction, the Northern Song Dynasty emperor Song Huizong, Emperor Qianlong imperial inscription "Song Shi Yi" Qin to the high price of 136 million yuan turnover, the creation of the Guqin auction world record. In 2011 the guardian spring auction, Wang Shixiang old Tibet Tang "Mahatma Fu Xi Qin Yi Yin" again to 115 million yuan sold out. 2009 Autumn Auction Council International, modern Guqin Guqin all three Wu Jinglve old Tibet also made a lot of high prices, one of the "ancient Yi Yin" Qin were sold to 20 million 720 thousand yuan price into the bag, the other two piano – song "Longsheng two down" and "hundred Yuan Qin Yun Qin Qing" also sold for 12 million 320 thousand yuan and 5 million 824 thousand yuan respectively, good price. It is clear that the Tang Dynasty, Song Guqin and the Royal imperial Qing Dynasty Guqin by collectors of all ages. Guqin, also known as Yao Qin Yu Qin lyre, as one of the most ancient plucked instruments China. The Guqin has a recorded history of 4000 years, according to "historical records", Qin appeared no later than Yao and shun period. "Book of Songs", "Zuo Zhuan", "Mandarin" and "LvShiChunQiu", such as the pre Qin literature have on the piano records, it appears very early in the visible. The national music through music, known as Chu Zhong Yi, Jin Shi Kuang etc.. Confucius piano art skill, he taught the "six arts", that is to play ode content. Since the Han Sima Xiangru, Cai Yong and Ji Kang are known to play the piano. The Tang Dynasty poet Wang Weiyou "sitting and playing the instrument while singing" Song poem, Wang Anshi also has a "mountain of infinite meaning, three feet of empty string knee Tong" sentence, in private, Yu Boya and Zhong Ziqi "piano concert" the story is widely spread. In 1972, the seven unearthed Changsha Mawangdui Tomb of the Warring States period, the ten stringed instruments unearthed in 1978 with the county of Hubei in the Warring States Tomb of Ceng Houyi, this is the earliest Qin unearthed artifacts, dating back more than 2000 years. There are also many Guqin in the ancient paintings, such as the Eastern Jin Gu "" chop Guoqin map "," Qi Yang Zihua School Book map ", Song Huizong" listening to the Qin "," Ya Wang Zhenpeng Yuan Gu Qin Ming Zhang road map "," listening to the Qin "etc.. "Since ancient times by the literati China fancies of men of letters" as four’s good, because of the unique character of the Qing Dynasty, Qin, and light and elegant place Lingfeng literati proud and otherworldly attitude, and ranked first. "The piano, the situation also." Liu Yuxi in his famous "LouShiMing" as we sketched a picture of "Su can be transferred, newspaper相关的主题文章: