Young children bicycle rim pinch doctor urged parents to pay attention to the frequent

Young children bicycle rim pinch doctor urged parents to pay attention to the frequent in October 9th, a eight year old girl sitting on the bike, foot accidentally caught the bicycle rim, tearing the flesh. Doctors called on parents to ride a child, it is best to choose to install a safety net and safety seat bicycle. My father sitting in the 28 inch bike back, legs swinging on both sides, one not careful foot bicycle clipped believe that everyone had the experience. In October 9th, in the emergency room of Ruijin hospital to a 8 year old white, young skin caught flesh turned up, blood dc. After the child was sent to the hospital in Ruijin, Ruijin hospital, the doctor immediately to the child for disinfection and dressing treatment. Because the wound is too deep, must be wound, strong sensible girl of eight years old white hold not crying loudly, quietly hum while doctor pen in the mask bags to write "killingme". It was not until after the suture that I heard that I could not go to school. Why such a lovely child will encounter such trauma? It is the parents take the kids to school by bicycle, children sitting in the back seat, foot accidentally bicycle wheel grip, because of the powerful inertia bicycle and makes flesh torn. According to the doctor, hospital, many children were admitted to bicycle rim pinch cases every year, even serious damaged flesh was clipped to tendon rupture. Doctors called on parents to ride a child, or to be alert, it is best to choose to install a safety net and safety seat of the bike. In fact, the existing regulations have made a clear provision for children riding bicycles. The "Regulations" and the seventy-first "Shanghai city road traffic management measures for the implementation of" thirty-ninth of the first paragraph of the implementation of the People’s Republic of China Road Traffic Safety Law: City and town on the road to ride bicycles are not allowed to bring people, but not in the traffic bus on the road, can be attached with a preschool children; preschool children should be attached to bicycle firmly installed seats, by bus traffic intersection, to get off the implementation. However, according to the provisions of the national standard GB 3565-2005 ISO "bicycle safety requirements", and there is no clear mandatory child safety protection device for bicycle, so the bicycle manufacturers produced a bike is also in line with national standards. In recent years, the bicycle as a low carbon travel way has been more and more people sought after, but the ride when children choose a safe for children and parents to pay attention to the bicycle in addition, called for national standards with children can ride a bicycle can also keep up with the national standard, from the aspect of standardizing the enterprise’s production, protection of children travel safety. Study, study, parenting, workplace…… More education information > > > Shen Shen education account for children in Shanghai to go to school, college entrance examination conditions list 2016 the latest version of the Shanghai school district housing and household registration of all the questions, the answer is here! Shanghai district (municipal key high school experimental high school) in Shanghai in 2016 the first volunteer list only recruit students of private schools in Shanghai district public primary school and junior high school enrollment to announce the scope of broadcast to Tencent micro-blog school in the magic to sweep me ~ slightly相关的主题文章: